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Who makes Cards Against Disney and Where to buy Them?

cards against disney

What are Cards Against Disney?

Oh, so you’ve found out about Cards Against Disney too!

Since you’re here chances are you’re a big Disney fan but  it looks like you’re not quite sure what’s all this noise about.

We all have heard about Disney movies, but what’s this card game now?

Read below and find out!

Cards Against Disney - Have a Laugh
Cards Against Dizny

ards Against Disney is the unofficial Disney version of the Cards Against Humanity card game. The game consists of an unofficial parody version of Disney combined with inappropriate adult humor and can be played by 18+ players only.       

The Cards Against Disney game box comes with 828 cards within, 260 wed cards and 568 white cards.

With a total of 828 cards the game creates the funniest atmosphere you ever had and allows you to make different card combinations which would lead to plenty of hours of fun and good laughs.

Is Cards Against Disney rude?

Now we’re at the magical moment — the card content of the Cards Against Disney game.

As was mentioned above, Cards Against Disney is the unofficial Disney version of Cards Against Humanity game. 

What does that mean?

Cards Against Disney consist of the Disney movie theme featuring your favorite Disney songs, movies and characters.

We all agree Disney movies brought wonder and childhood joy in our lives. 

But if you’ve decided to play the Cards Against Disney game, it’s time to say goodbye to your childhood innocence.

cards on table - cards against dizny

The game can be played by 18+ players only. Having that in mind, in one form or another we should assume that Disney characters have grown up within us as well. This is the only way we can have fun with the adult humor and inappropriate jokes that you will be faced with during the game.

That being said, you should choose your friends wisely in order to avoid any awkward situation during the game. 

Who makes Cards Against Disney?

Cards Against Disney is an expansion of Cards Against Humanity. After a successful launch of Cards Against Humanity, creators, Highland Park High School students, decided to create the Cards Against Disney version of the game.

The Card Against Disney follows the same game rules and equipment as Cards Against Humanity except the content which in this case consist of Disney themes including songs and characters and movies.

Cards Against Disney Red vs Black

While you’ve been searching to buy Cards Against Disney game box you’ve probably seen two different boxes. Red and Black box.

Have you asked yourself which one should I choose? We bet you did!

We are more than pleased to vanish this dilema from your head.

Cards Against Disney game comes with both red and black game boxes.

Black Box vs Red Box - CAD
Black Box vs Red Box – CAD

Just because the boxes are made of different colors this doesn’t mean the content wouldn’t be the same.

The content of both Red and Black boxes is the same. So, the color is the only differentiation that these two boxes have in between.

Feel free to choose the box with the color you like the most. 

If you’re a fan of the red color, choose red. But if you’re a fan of the black color, choose black.

Whether you choose Red or Black, the cards and the laughs this game guarantees will remain the same! 

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