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Experience the Best Game in Galaxy with our Unofficial Version of Cards Against Humanity!

  • Cards Against Star Wars is the The Best Game in Galaxy. Period
  •  A must-have for any Star Wars fan.
  • The Cards Against Disney set includes 750 cards. 250 White Cards and 500 Black Cards.
  • Players: 4-20 people.
  • Game time: 30-90 mins.
  • Age: 17+ only.
  • Worldwide FREE Shipping and fast delivery within 5-10 business days.



Are you ready for some fun?

We are presenting to you the best game in the galaxy.

Cards Against Star Wars is the unofficial Star Wars version of the Cards Against Humanity card game.

Cards Against Star Wars is a limited edition card game with the Star Wars theme.

The game is based on your all-time favorite science Star Wars fantasy movie.

Playing the game will make you relive old movie memories especially if you’re a fan of Princess Leia, R2D2, Obi Wan Kenobi and the rest of the crew of the Star Wars movie.

In this Cards Against Star Wars review, you will find out all the details that will be needed to play the game and what the cards will contain.

The Card Against Star Wars box card game is a must-have for any Star Wars fan.

With the rude themes of Cards Against Humanity clashing with the Star Wars universe, the game leads to some hilarious card combinations featuring characters from all the Star Wars movies and classic scenes.

The Cards Against Star Wars box game includes 750 cards250 White cards and 500 Black cards you and your friends can utilize during the wildest card-game party you will ever have.

Due to its wildness and the awkward question the game requires, the game can be played by adult players only.

The average age of players should be 17 years of age or older, with a group of players from 4 to 20 people and it takes 30 to 90 minutes to finish it.


Cards Against Star Wars Examples

Cards Against Star Wars game box consists of rude and offensive Star Wars humor style. Therefore, you should choose your game partners wisely so they can take kindly this sense of humor.

For you to get familiar with the content and the language style of Cards Against Star Wars game cards, we will provide you with some real examples of what cards consist of.

This will assist you in choosing your friends earlier and if you think that your friends won’t be suitable for the game you can try and recruit new Star Wars buddies by demonstrating them the examples below.

Take a look of the Star Wars game examples below:

Black Card: After blowing up the Death Star the Rebels celebrated with _______”

White Card: Getting an erection in a Storm Trooper suit.

Exposing yourself in front of a school of Jedi younglings.

Black Cards: Becoming a Jedi takes years of _____ as well as ____.

White Cards: Having a quick wank before the Emperor visits.

Exposing yourself outside a school of Jedi younglings.

We demonstrated some card combinations and gave you real examples of how you can respond to a black card with the white ones.

Here are more examples of “Cards Against Star Wars” both black and white cards.

Black Cards Examples

  • Goooood… let _____ flow through you.
  • How to be a Jedi 101:
  • Join the Empire, we have ____.
  • Gimmie ____.

Gimmie ____.

Gimmie double ___.

  • I am ___.
  • Boba Fett kept a collection of ___ in slave.
  • When I heard JJ Abrams was directing the ninth Star Wars movie, I felt like ____.
  • In a galaxy far, far, away, ____ is perfectly legal.
  • I blame ____ for the breakup of my last relationship.
  • When Darth Vader says he likes ____, he gets it!

White Cards Example

  • An X-Wing pilot in a metal bikini
  • Squelchy sex with Jabba
  • Darth Maul’s bedroom eyes
  • Reaching out and touching someone with your force.
  • Telling your companions “I have a bad feeling about this”.
  • Telling any hairy alien to “Laugh it up fuzzball!”
  • Throwing Yoda around like a puppet.
  • Wiping your ass with an Ewok.
  • Using “Sith on My Face” as a pickup line.
  • Getting a cleaning orgasm from a Vibromop.

This is what will give you a fun evening of playful behavior with the wildest card-game party out there. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss playing the best game in the galaxy, right? We think that too.

How do you play Cards Against Star Wars?

Have you been wondering how to play the Cards Against Star Wars? Don’t worry we’ll get that covered for you!

Before we start with the gaming process we have to clear things out!

As we mentioned above, the game should be played by adults only.

So those of you who are 17 years of age or older can freely enjoy the hilarious game at your friend’s party or home with your older siblings who enjoy the dark humor of the game.

So, are we ready to learn how to play the game?

If you have played Cards Against Humanity before there is nothing unknown about the gaming process.

Cards Against Star Wars includes the same gaming rules as the original Cards Against Humanity game but with a different theme.

Cards Against Star Wars is based on the Star Wars fantasy movie theme and includes dark humor mixed with offensive and rude humor style.

Cards Against Star Wars - Cards Example

The game can be played from 4 to 20 players and it lasts 30-90 minutes.

One person distributes the cards to other players at the beginning of the game.

The white cards contain a name, short statement, a single word or a random list of things whereas the black ones contain a question or a fill-in-the-blank type statement.

The first player takes the first cards from the pile and reads it aloud.

After that, each player chooses one of their white cards and reads it with the black card.

Each player votes their favorite letter combination and the winner gets to keep the black card.

The game is over when there are any black cards on the pile.

Where to buy Cards Against Star Wars?

Cards Against Star Wars is the best game in the galaxy! I bet you wouldn’t want to miss hours of fun and black humor with your friends!

You can be part of the best game in the galaxy by buying the game box version of Cards Against Star Wars on our online store.

The Cards Against Star Wars box game can be bought for $49We offer you worldwide free shipping and fast delivery within 5-10 business days.

Relive the old memories of your all-time favorite science Star Wars movie.

Buy your Cards Against Star Wars box game and experience hours of fun and laughs with the wildest game filled with hilarious content and black humor you’ve ever had!

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  1. Mason Alby

    Just received my box! It exceeded my expectations. Very happy with my purchase and the seller. The content of the cards is hilarious. As the game itself notes ” The Best Game in Galaxy”. Thank you to the seller.

  2. Joe

    the cards are filled with the Star Wars humor guys, it is totally worth it. I am very happy with my purchase and the service of the seller.

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