The One with All the Cards – Friends Cards Against Humanity Box


Celebrate your love of “Friends” with “The One With All The Cards” game.

  • A must-have for super fans of “Friends”.
  • The One with All the Cards set includes 234 Playing Cards.
  • 90 Black Cards, 144 White Cards.
  • 17+ Age Average.
  • 4-20+ players.
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Is FRIENDS your all-time favorite TV Show? Are you waiting your whole life for the Friends reunion? If yes, you will have a mega fun and endless nights playing The One with All the Cards game.

The One with All Cards

Cards Against Humanity Friends also known as The One with All Cards version is based on the ‘90s TV show Friends.

The show that has transmitted the lives, loves and laughs of six young friends in Manhattan, now is transformed into one of the most-wanted card games for all of the worldwide Friends fans.

The Friends version of “Cards Against Humanity” is all that you need for you to have a Friends Reunion. This game was created by super fans of “Friends” and is filled with your all-time favorite Friends lines and quotes.

The hilarious quotes that we all love from Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe will make you relive your favorite series of all the time and will help you fill the gap you had since the TV show ended.

What else would help you wait patiently for Friends reunion except for this Friends The One With All the Cards Game? So, invite all your friends and celebrate the new beginning of Friends!

The game is quite dirty, therefore it should be played by adults only.

The Friends Cards Against Humanity invasion can be played as a standalone game or can be paired with the famous Cards Against Humanity game.

Both of the options are guaranteed to bring you lots of fun and black humor in your table.

Keep in mind that both options of the game must be played with players who are familiar with the TV show Friends in order so you could enjoy and understand the hilarious vibe of the game otherwise you would be stuck with players who will fail to understand the hilarious content of the game and it’s vibe.

The One with All the Cards Examples

Cards Against Humanity Friends edition contains 234 cards with the Friends theme. 90 black question cards and 144 white answer cards which can be utilized during the game.

To get familiar with the playing field, we will provide you with some of The One with All Cards examples.

The Cards Against Humanity Friends version examples are filled with hilarious humor that you were missing from the series of Friends.

See some hilarious game combinations below:

Black Card: I took the quiz, and it turns out I do put ____ before men.

White Card: Regina Philange

Black Card: So, no one told you life was gonna be this way, your job’s a joke, you’re ____, your love life’s _________.

White Card: Trying to divide 232 by 13, wordless sound poems.

Do you know what is waiting for you now? Definitely the most hilarious game that brings the Friends back again!

Cards Against Friends

Don’t you think it is hard to choose the best response with so many good options?

Friends Against Humanity


Black Cards Examples:

  • What’s the “ick factor” that ended my relationship?
  • Feeling my bicep, and maybe more.
  • What are you doing to my sister?
  • What would liven up Monica’s party?
  • What is Chandler Bing’s job?
  • I Ross, take thee.

White Cards Examples:

  • Free crab cakes.
  • Drinking a gallon of milk in ten seconds.
  • Ichiban: Lipstick for Men
  • Grandma’s chicken salad.
  • Kicking your snooty ass all the way to New Glockenshire.
  • Smelly cat.

How do you play “The One with All the Cards”?

While the game was created by the Friends fans and it is not a Cards Against Humanity expansion pack, the gaming process is quite similar.

“The One with All the Cards” has the same format as “Cards Against Humanity” but with a different theme.

While “Cards Against Humanity” consists of real life events, “The One with All the Cards” is related to events that took place on “Friends” TV show.

The gaming process:

One person distributes the cards and gives 10 white cards to each player.

The white cards can contain:

  • A name
  • Short sentence
  • Single word or
  • A random list of things

Whereas the black cards can contain:

  • A fill-in-the-blank type of statement or
  • A question.

Every player draws a black card from the pile and reads it aloud and the rest of the players chooses one of their white cards to read with the black card aside from the person who read the black card.

Each player of the game gets to vote for their favorite combination and the most voted card wins the round. The winner gets to keep the black card. The game is officially over when all the black cards are over.

Now that you know everything about the game, you can make it yours by buying it at our online store. Buy it, love it, play it!


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